Who is Francesca? 

Francesca Hansen-DiBello is an actor and singer based out of Brooklyn, New York.  

A Rhode Island native with two trailblazing mommies, Francesca was raised to have a sense of sticktoitiveness and passion.  After taking her first class at age three, Francesca decided that acting is what she would do for the rest of her life, and so far she has stuck with that decision.  

Years of lessons, rejections, and crying in front of rooms full of people later, Francesca is a proud graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Acting.  

She is always looking for projects that pique her interest either in film or on the stage.  

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Blood & Water: a new musical by Francesca Hansen-DiBello

a new musical by Francesca Hansen-DiBello





This past August I had the pleasure of writing, producing, and starring in my very own musical!  Blood & Water is the story of a family of four women as they come to terms with life and their place within it.  It's based largely on my own experience of growing up with two moms, and specifically the two years leading up to my mother's death.  I wanted to create roles for women across generations, and I wanted to have a conversation about death.  Traditionally death is something we view as serious and scary.  I took care to inject a sense of magic and lightheartedness, because it is my belief that in times of deepest tragedy we experience the brightest rays of love and light.  

The workshop production of Blood & Water ran for three nights at The Kraine Theater in lower Manhattan.

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