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BLOOD & WATER                                           Arabella                       The Kraine Theater / dir. Maya Evans

THINGS THAT DON’T TRANSLATE              Grace                           The Freeks/dir. Patty Hamilton

AS YOU LIKE IT                                               Phoebe                        NYU Tisch / dir. Ian Belknap

SUMMERTIME                                                 Bob                              NYU Tisch/ dir. Bryan Close 

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S TEXT                     Titania                          NYU Tisch/ dir. Stefan Haves 

THE HOT L BALTIMORE                                 Millie                            NYU Tisch/ dir. Kenneth Noel Mitchell 



BLOOD & WATER                Playwright/Producer           NYC/The Kraine Theater 



REST IN PEACE                                    Lead                                    Student Film/ Dir. Salma Amer

IN A MANNER OF SPEAKING             Lead                                    Student Film/ Dir. Henry Zaballos 

APPLE                                                   Lead                                    Student Film/ Dir. Henry Zaballos

SHOWTIME                                          Featured                             Student Film/ Dir. Lain Kienzle 



B.F.A. in Acting - NYU: Tisch School of the Arts - New Studio on Broadway

Acting: Kent Gash, Daniel Spector, Kenneth Noel Mitchell, Alexandra Neil, Rocco Sisto

On Camera: Heidi Marshall, Rosalyn Coleman

Physical Acting: Orlando Pabotoy 

Voice: Michael McElroy, Telly Leung, Jason Burrow, Glenn White, Jack Lee 

Spoken Voice and Speech:  Dawn-Elin Fraser, Tovah Close, Tyley Ross, Kate Udall 

Dance: Byron Easley, Geneva Jenkins, Valeria Solomonoff

Stage Combat: Mike Yahn, Cory Pierno 

Fencing: Brooklyn Fencing Academy



Fencing (foil), IPA and Dialects (ATS, RP, London, Dublin Irish, New Orleans), basic Italian, Shakespeare, Singing and Songwriting,

Beginner Guitar and Piano, Yoga, Argentinian Tango, basic Ballroom (Swing, Fox Trot, Waltz, Merengue, Salsa),

Valid RI driver’s license (can drive standard and automatic), Valid Passport